Working in Russia and managing Russians, doing business with Russians

Explains how culture works as a primary influencer of business. Covers fundamentals of Russian mentality and its effect on ways of doing business, management, leadership, business relationships, practicalities of business activities and other relevant aspects of business.The program explores hidden culture-driven motives and mindsets of Russian nationals expat managers are not always aware of. Enables participants to identify and address relevant cultural differences within business environment. Helps in establishing good working relationships, management and leaderships style that suits local culture. Develops participant-specific ways of addressing gaps between Russian and their native culture. The program focuses on culture-driven specifics of Russian business. Participants explore how business works for Russian people from a culture prospective and ways of efficiently managing and working with Russian employees on a daily basis.

Who this program is for:

  • Expatriates in managerial or professional positions coming to work or already working in Russia.
  • Business associates and managers working with Russians as partners or clients/suppliers. 
  • International teams, local or remote, where there is collaboration between Russians and other nationals.
  • Teams of Russian or international employees (or mix of both) under expatriate management or working in an international environment.
  • Any individuals or groups of people dealing with Russian business on a regular basis locally or remotely. 

What this program covers:

  • Fundamentals of Russian mentality and its influence on business management and approaches to daily business tasks and processes.
  • Culture-induced specifics of management and leadership.
  • Peculiarities of business activities and processes in Russian business setting.
  • Expected behavior in Russian business environment in different situations.

Outcomes of the program:

  • Understanding of Russian culture on a deeper level and its fundamental differences with your own culture. 
  • Practical approaches to leveraging cultural differences in a workplace or business setting where Russian culture is present.
  • Increased efficiency in collaboration and managing daily tasks between employees, management, business partners.
  • Alignment of your own management or working style to fit Russian mentality, common expectations and local leadership style.

This program is highly customizable depending on participant position, specific needs and tasks they need to perform. The program can be delivered individually or in small groups of up ton15 people. The program is offered face-to-face and requires one full day to deliver. 

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June 11, 2019