Cross-cultural training on Russia

Explains what culture is and how it works on deeper levels. Covers fundamentals of Russian mentality and its influence on lifestyle, behavior, relationships and other practical aspects of life. Enables participants to identify and address relevant cultural differences. Develops participant-specific ways of addressing gaps between Russian and their native culture. Helps to adapt to living and working in Russia on a practical day to day level.

This training program is a comprehensive package covering practical topics of culture in general and Russian specifics of Russian in application to business and daily life. The program has modular design and each individual program is adjusted to specific participant needs. 

Depending on participants needs and specifics of relocation, the program emphasizes relevant areas where adaptation, adjustment is needed. 

Cross-cultural training is extremely efficient for individuals and their families relocating to Russia on a long term business assignment or privately. The program addresses various challenges and aspects of relocation, ways of dealing with cultural differences and culture shock. It helps in adapting and adjusting to life in Russia and provides insights on culture-driven specifics of business in Russia. The program helps families prepare to establish everyday life in Moscow and major cities in Russia.

Cross-cultural training is offered only face-to-face and requires one or two full days to deliver privately or for a small group of up to 15 participants. Request additional information and book a session on a contact page. 

June 12, 2019