Orientation on culture, business, everyday life in Russia

Orientations are shorter sessions covering only basic specific topics in the areas of your interest on Russia: culture, business or everyday life. Useful for experienced travelers, when you know how culture works and how you manage cultural differences. Orientations are designed to provide condensed practical information on how things work in Russia in areas of your interest. 

Culture orientation:

Covers fundamentals of Russian mindset and its influence on lifestyle, behavior, relationships and other aspects of life. Helps to identify cultural differences and be prepared to address cultural differences.

Business orientation:

Explains how various aspects of business work in Russian environment. Covers topics like hiring, management, leadership, delegation, office relationships, workday, meetings, etiquette and other business-related themes relevant to your position and specific needs.

Daily life orientation:

Provides information on practicalities of establishing daily life in major cities in Russia. Topics covered in this session are: finding a place to live, housing types and its specifics, where to go, leisure, money and banks, safety, schools, medical care, transportation and other aspects of daily living, relevant to participants. 

Orientations are 2-4 hour interactive presentations delivered in person or online. Unlike training programs aimed at developing specific skills, orientations are more of informational nature. During the session you will receive Russia-specific information, ask questions and have discussions on topics of your practical interest.

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June 11, 2019